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A New Era Has Arrived.

New Technology

FasTrack a new era of toll roads

The latest in transponder technology has arrived in the form of a thin sticker, designed to be small, unobtrusive and free!

new sastrak sticker

What You Need To Do


Your new sticker will arrive.

In June 2019, sticker transponders will be issued to existing and new FasTrak® accountholders (September 2019 for ExpressAccount).


Apply the sticker to your vehicle.

A sticker transponder must be adhered to the inside of your windshield before driving on a tolled bridge, lane or road. See below for detailed instructions.


Enjoy the drive!

Use your FasTrak transponder to pay for tolls on every tolled bridge, lane and road in California.
Learn more about FasTrak in California

How to Install Your Sticker Transponder On Your Car

  1. Clean and dry the inner surface of the windshield where the sticker transponder will be placed.
  2. Carefully peel the backing from the sticker. Avoid touching the adhesive and keep the sticker as flat as possible and avoid bending it as it may break the antennae.
  3. Place the sticker transponder in the lower left-hand corner or lower right-hand corner of the windshield. Or, place it behind the rearview mirror. (Consider visual aesthetics from inside and outside of the vehicle when choosing the location.)
  4. Do not move or adjust a sticker transponder once it has been installed. It will break and become unusable.
  5. Make sure all vehicle license plates are registered to your account.

Metalized Windshields
If you have a vehicle with a metalized windshield listed on your account, contact our Customer Service Call Center at (949) 727-4800 for information on the transponder best suited for your needs.

Continue to use a hardcase switchable transponder when riding a motorcycle on The Toll Roads.

sticker placement

Switchable Hardcase Transponders

If you currently have a switchable transponder and use it to declare carpool occupancy on designation lanes don't throw it away!

More about switchable transponders
See where FasTrak can be used


Perks of FasTrak

(Beginning July 1, 2019)

No More Monthly Fee

No more monthly account maintenance fees.

Frequent Driver Benefit

Frequent drivers will be eligible to receive discounted toll rates. Only available on FasTrak Prepaid accounts.

Throughout California

FasTrak will still be used to pay for tolls on every tolled bridge, lane and road in California.


Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do with my hardcase transponder once I affix the sticker?

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Can I still use my switchable, hardcase transponder for carpool discounts on other FasTrak bridges, lanes and roads?

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Will the sticker transponder beep?

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How do I pay tolls if I am driving a rental/loaner vehicle?

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Do motorcycles use sticker transponders?

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Do sticker transponders work on metalized windshields?

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Installation Tip

Choose a location on your windshield that doesn't obstruct your view. Carefully install the sticker so it is straight and even on the windshield.

transponder tip

Switchable FasTrak Transponder

Switchable FasTrak transponders (sometimes called FasTrak Flex®) have a small black switch that can be moved to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle by moving the switch to the appropriate setting (1, 2, 3+). This should be done prior to starting each trip.

Toll-free travel for qualifying carpools and other eligible vehicles is often only available to drivers who have a switchable FasTrak transponder; drivers with standard FasTrak transponders pay the full toll regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle.

transponder tip

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