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South Orange County Traffic Relief Effort

With Orange County’s population expected to increase by more than 250,000 residents by 2035 and traffic projected to increase in South Orange County by 66 percent by 2040, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) are committed to identifying solutions that will relieve the traffic congestion on I-5 through South Orange County.


System Map showing the South Orange County Long Range PlanningFor more information about the South OC Traffic Relief Effort, please visit GetMovingOC.com or contact Jeff Bott at (949)754-3408 or ombudsman@thetollroads.com 

(Please note the email address ombudsman@thetollroads.com has replaced soctrafficrelief(at)thetollroads.com, in order to ensure there is a central point of contact for information and updates related to the South Orange County Traffic Relief Effort.)






In 2015, a South Orange County Community Ascertainment Study identified high levels of agreement amongst stakeholders in the region that there is a growing traffic problem that people expect their elected officials and public agencies to fix. There is undoubtedly excessive I-5 traffic during the morning and evening commute times, on weekends, and whenever there is an accident or incident that impacts an I-5 traffic lane. Data has concluded that this severe congestion is significantly impacting quality of life for South Orange County families, residents, business owners, and commuters.

Process to Identify Solutions

Get Moving OC, is a result of the recommendations of the Community Ascertainment Study and is the first part in a series of next steps led by TCA, along with participation from Caltrans, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), and other transportation planning agencies throughout the region, to address traffic congestion concerns in South Orange County. Through this process several public forums have been held across South Orange County to solicit input from the public and local elected officials for their ideas on how we can relieve traffic across the region. Through the Get Moving OC forums, the public submitted 18 ideas that will now be technically evaluated.

Initial Screening

The South County Traffic Relief Initial Screening was prepared to document a preliminary evaluation of numerous transportation ideas aimed at providing substantial relief to the South County mobility problem.  Through a two-year public outreach effort, TCA collected numerous traffic relief ideas from the public and local elected officials, which are included in this initial screening process.


Project Timeline



Traffic Relied Ideas

TCA has conducted a preliminary evaluation of the ideas submitted by the public for the South County Traffic Relief Effort. The ideas were sorted into four categories:

Category 1 – Already Being Advanced or Implemented
Category 2 – Ineffective or Premature
Category 3 – Infeasible due to Regulatory or Financial Constraints
Category 4 – Mobility Benefits/Further Study Needed

Seven of the ideas are included in Category 4 and will move forward for additional analysis.

New Idea Added for Consideration

Following input from the community and stakeholders, a new idea for consideration that results in a balanced solution to provide regional traffic relief to South Orange County was unveiled at the February 8 Joint TCA Board Meeting.

In response to public feedback and initial analysis by planners and engineers, the new idea would extend Los Patrones Parkway in Rancho Mission Viejo from Cow Camp Road to connect with Avenida La Pata prior to the Prima Deschecha Landfill. The new idea also includes adding managed lanes in the median of Interstate 5 from State Route 73 to south of the San Diego County Line.

Mobility Map

TCA, in conjunction with Caltrans, will now work to preliminarily analyze eight ideas in the areas of traffic, right-of-way impacts, and other environmental studies. Completing the PSR is the first step to initiating the formal environmental process.

The long-term strategic plan for the South County Traffic Relief Effort involves ongoing discussions with the community, stakeholders, environmental organizations and elected officials prior to beginning the formal environmental process. We encourage the public to participate and remain engaged in this process every step of the way to ensure your community’s needs and priorities are considered.

A public scoping meeting and a public review period will be part of the formal environmental process. The formal environmental process is projected to be complete in 2025.

Public Forums

On Monday, June 5, 2017 a third public forum was held at Saddleback Community College to discuss improving transportation mobility throughout South Orange County.

To learn more and get involved visit GetMovingOC.com

Settlement with the Environmental Community

In 2008, the California Coastal Commission denied a key permit for a previously proposed project known as State Route 241 Foothill-South.

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, TCA announced the settlement of five lawsuits regarding the previously proposed projects known as State Route 241 Foothill-South and Tesoro Extension. TCA is pleased to join more than a dozen environmental organizations in this unprecedented outcome, underscoring the collaboration between TCA’s leadership and the leaders of the environmental community. It is with this collaboration and framework, that TCA will move forward to review alternative solutions for solving the regional traffic problem in a manner that protects our most environmentally and culturally sensitive lands.


Public Generated Traffic Congestion Relief Ideas

Map Publics Traffic Relief Ideas Solution Ideas Maps

Forum 2 Public Ideas Handouts

Map Biological Survey Locations

Environmental Settlement and Protective Agreements

Caltrans Initial Environmental Process Manual

City of San Clemente Request for Idea 18

Fact Sheet County of Orange Los Patrones Parkway

Fact Sheet County of Orange Oso Bridge

Los Patrones Parkway (F Street) Engineering and Environmental Document Approvals

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