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Executive Team Compensation

Title Salary* Car Allowance Retirement &
Health Benefits
Total 2016
Michael A. Kraman, Chief Executive Officer 288,174 7,682 116,631 412,487
Chief Financial Officer 241,984 8,440 85,686 336,110
Chief Toll Operations Officer 209,352 9,180 79,384 297,916
Chief Communications Officer 188,028 8,669 71,957 268,654
Chief Engineer 225,429 7,082 81,217 313,728
Chief Environmental Planning Officer  167,053 8,048 70,886 245,987
Chief Strategy Officer 219,784 9,180 37,019 265,983

*Includes base salary and, if applicable, leave buyout and bonus.

TCA reports salary and benefits information to the California State Controller’s Office (SCO) each year. F/ETCA and SJHTCA operate under common management and staff, for whom F/ETCA is considered the sole employer for the purpose of this reporting requirement. Salary and benefits information that was reported for calendar year 2016 for these employees may be found at the following link. The information for 2017 will be reported to the SCO in April 2018 and available to the public at a later date.


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