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The Future of FasTrak is Coming: July 1, 2019

A more modern drive is coming your way as we enter a new era of toll roads.

In the future of FasTrak:

  • Accountholders will choose from three – not just one – payment methods.
  • The latest in transponder technology will be in the form of a thin sticker that is small, unobtrusive and free.
  • No more monthly account maintenance fees.
  • Frequent drivers with prepaid accounts will be eligible to receive discounted toll rates.
  • FasTrak will still be used to pay tolls on every tolled bridge, lane and road in California.

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FasTrak sticker

July 1: Hardcase switchable transponders can continue to be used to declare carpool occupancy on designated express lanes and will be available for purchase ($20) on July 1, 2019.

FasTrak® is, by far, the easiest way to pay tolls on every tolled bridge, lane and road in California — and, in some cases, it’s the only way to pay.

With FasTrak: Through June 30, 2019

  • Tolls are prepaid (credit card, cash or check) into a preestablished account.
  • Transponders are issued for mounting inside the accountholder’s vehicle(s).
  • Tolls are automatically deducted electronically from the account when the vehicle/transponder passes through any tolling location in California.
  • Account statements summarizing usage and tolls are emailed monthly.
  • Account maintenance is easy online or via our free app.

Note: It's important to get a transponder from the agency that operates the bridge, lane or road you'll use most because each tolling agency has its own rules and minimum requirements. A FasTrak transponder issued by any California tolling agency will work on The Toll Roads.

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More about FasTrak

Transponder Types

There are a variety of FasTrak transponders.
Learn about transponders

Frequent Driver Discount

Starting July 1, 2019, prepaid FasTrak® accountholders will be eligible to earn discounted toll rates on The Toll Roads (State Routes 73, 133, 241 and 261).

When a prepaid FasTrak account accumulates $40 in tolls on The Toll Roads during a statement period, every toll accumulated on The Toll Roads the following statement period will be discounted by $1.

A prepaid FasTrak accountholder commuting to and from work on The Toll Roads five days a week will save a minimum of $40 a month!

Switchable FasTrak Transponder

Switchable FasTrak transponders (sometimes called FasTrak Flex®) have a small black switch that can be moved to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle by moving the switch to the appropriate setting (1, 2, 3+). This should be done prior to starting each trip.

Toll-free travel for qualifying carpools and other eligible vehicles is often only available to drivers who have a switchable FasTrak transponder; drivers with standard FasTrak transponders pay the full toll regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle.

transponder tip

Payment Timing Prepay tolls Tolls charged individually Tolls invoiced monthly
Account Fees None (Free!) None (Free!) $2 invoice fee
Discounted Tolls Yes No No
Payment Method Credit card, cash or check Credit card or debit card Credit card, cash or check
Payment Accepted Every tolled bridge, lane and road in California Every tolled bridge, lane and road in California Every tolled bridge, lane and road in California
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